Charlie The Girl

You've had thoughts of being with a woman like me.

Maybe even dreamt of it.

Perhaps you've always had interest in young women with alternative looks, a woman who does not conform to societal norms without forethought or examination...

Or maybe your curiosity was sparked one day walking down the street. In a suit and tie, on your way to a high-stress career or corporate job, you see her.

Seemingly inhibitionless, she sways past you. She reminds you of someone, and yet of no one. Her eyes seem to see you, and yet beyond you. You feel invigorated. Her unique and natural style is a breath of fresh air, amongst the wannabe barbies you see day to day. You want to reach out to her, ask her to show you her secrets. But you don't, and as your walk continues, she fades out of sight. Afterward, life's colors seem a bit more muted than before. You fear you will never know of such marvel and intrigue again.

This is your chance to embrace the extraordinary.

Don't be afraid.

It can be everything you've ever dreamed of...

Do you dare?

I am your femme fatale.

I am that woman walking down the street.


I am the uncommon GFE.

(646) 543-2422

Located in both Detroit MI and Manhattan NY